The Movie:The Bell Witch Haunting

The Greatest Ghost Story Ever Told!


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About the Bell Witch Haunting film:

The film was written and directed by Ric White, produced by Linda Thornton, and the Director of Photography was Johnny Gerhart. The film was shot in February 2003. Most shooting was done in Sumner County, Tennessee about 40 minutes from Adams, Tennessee where the haunting took place. The film was shot on the grounds of and in Historic Rock Castle (built by Daniel Smith in the late 1790s) in Hendersonville, Tennessee;


as well as, a home in Old Hickory, Tennessee and a church (First Cumberland Presbyterian Church) on the Historic registry located in Montgomery Bell State Park built in 1828.


The haunting took place between 1817 - 1821. John Bell died December, 1820.


What is "The Bell Witch Haunting" movie?


"The Bell Witch Haunting" is Willing Hearts Production's acclaimed motion picture based on America's greatest true haunting. It is a powerful supernatural thriller that boldly mixes a frightful ghost story with a great suspense plot. This historic thriller is based on actual events that happened from 1817 to 1821, in which a vengeful spirit tormented John Bell and his family, leaving him in a terrifying fight to save his children and his own life! Over a four year period, hundreds of people witnessed the Spirit's amazing demonstrations and heard it speak...  Click here for more information and to see trailer

"The Bell Witch Haunting"


"I would rather face the whole British army, than face the Bell Witch again!"

-Andrew Jackson, President of the United States